Our Services

Strengthened by these professional relationships in France and abroad, MUSEKAI sets up the organization of turnkey services to meet all your needs.


Production, management and organisation of all types of events and events. 

Import / Export

Connecting with producers, distribution media and distribution of products between Asia (Japan, Korea) and the West.


Design of communication media, press relations management and social networks.


Proposals for stays, tours, rentals, activities and solutions to Japan and South Korea.


Develop an appropriate strategy for your business.

Development – Solutions

Find growth levers and grow your business through new ideas.

Develop your Business.

We will help you increase your workforce, diversify your activities, while working on your business model. Together let’s define the right deeds to implement.

Our workflow.

Inspiring and structuring new ideas by highlighting the work to be done, will allow you to understand the operation with which we will find the combination that meets your expectations.


Open to all ideas and all possibilities, together let us showing creativity and spontaneity to achieve the best result.


Creation Process

Let's define the problems, the customers' needs, the areas for improvement to produce ideas that we will associate and synthesize within the same objective.

Development & work with the client

Your needs and objectives being defined, we will put our expertise at your service to find solutions and achieve the success of the project.

Final product