The Japanese Nice #1

The Japanese

Musekai Company is exported with a first evening in Nice with “La Japonaise Nice” on Saturday February 8, 2020 from 8pm to 2am at the 2.0 Bar and will also be the AFTER PARTY of Play Azur Festival.

Program: MUSIC (Dj J-Music) / EXPO (illustrator (s) / FOOD (Japanese Street Food) / VIDEO GAMES / GOODIES

– 5 €uros, on presentation of the Flyer or presale to download:

To get to 2.0 BAR: 4 rue centrale, 06300 Nice, Cathédrale – Vieille Ville tram stop

Let’s meet and enjoy the day at the Play Azur Festival, then end this day with a friendly evening. It’s going to be fire!

La Japonaise is a monthly, alternative, cultural, popular and urban meeting in France, mixing genres, styles, atmospheres and generations around the Universe of Japan.

IG: lajaponaisebymusekai, Facebook: Musekai, Twitter: musekai,


MUSEKAI is an entertainment and multi-domains company based in Paris, developing event organization, audiovisual production, cultural exchange and business development with a particular passion for Japan.