Who are we ?

MUSEKAI, multi-domain & entertainment company specializing in event organization, audiovisual production, cultural exchange and business development, aims to promote and develop cultures by offering its own vision and esthetics.

From this society emanates a spirit of freedom, adventure and unwavering determination. Driven by its audacity and its innovative spirit, Musekai integrates its philosophy into the various events, perfomances, services that its offers and wants to make each of her experiences unique.

Having already collaborated with different artists, music and multimedia companies in Europe (NRJ, CANAL +, VIACOM …) as in Asia (Avex Group, Handmade music, Amuse & Lantis, Solid Vox … ), MUSEKAI wants to be a link, a bridge and an actor within the cultural and entertainment universe.

Passionate about Japan, traveling there for several years, French Ambassador of the city of SUSAKI located in the prefecture of KŌCHI, SHIKOKU, in the south of the archipelago, MUSEKAI created MUSEKAI JAPAN branch in Tokyo in order to collaborate with all infrastructures, entities, municipalities and prefectures.

Visionary, MUSEKAI aims to be attentive and fully at the service of its customers and its public. It is by offering our experiences, skills, human and professional qualities that we excel. Having a know-how to meet and adapt to all requests, achievements, projects, it is together that we innovate, create new concepts closer to expectations, image, desires of each other so that all our projects be successful.

It is with these values ​​and its multidisciplinarity that MUSEKAI will write its history.

team image
team image