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Musekai CompanyKuramochi Kyoryu

Kuramochi Kyoryu

Designer - Illustrator

Kuramochi Kyoryu, is a designer and creator of figurines. He worked for different design companies and on series such as: Heisei Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Sentai Akiba Ranger. He is also in charge of planning, illustration and product development.

● (Book) Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis Mechanical Design (Kadokawa)
● (Anime / Game) Layered Stories Zero ACT Design (NAMCO BANDAI)
● (Movie) TNG Patlabor Marking Design (Tohoku Shinsha)

● (Toy) Frame Arms Vulture & Wyvern Design (Kotobukiya)
● (Toy) SH Figuarts True Bon Carving Concept Design (Bandai)
● (Toy) Exceed Model Zaku Head Toy Design (Bandai Vendor Division)
● (Toy) “ Replacement Woman “Planning & mechanical design Cooperation (Bandai vendor Division-like)
● (toy) TENGA Lobo (Good Smile Company-like)

● (books) Muv-Luv Alternative (17) tactical machine mechanical design Cooperation (Aju-like)
● (Book) Werewolf Machine Winvurga Mecha Design (Akita Shoten)
● (Book) Basic Robot Drawing Books (Hobby Japan)
● (Book) Mermaid Lovers Mecha Design (Earth Star)
● (Mermagaga Series) Beast (Author: Natsumi Iwasaki) Mechanical Design

● (Mascot) GUMBA Image Character Design (TOYOTA)
● (Mascot) Samurai Mascot Mechanical Design (Premium Japan)

● (Game) Unmanned War 2099 (Donuts)
● (Game) Summoning around Magical Gear Mecha Design (Donuts)
● (Game) Woody Man Design Direction (Takara Tomy)
● (Game) Mirai Senki Slavenir Mecha Design (Stargazer)
● (Game) Folklore Mecha Design of Gakuen Fight (Chien)
● (game) Yoroihime mechanical design (DMM-like)
● (game) black rose Bruno Valkyrie Mechanical Design (Compiled Heart)

● (Contest) Pixiv Illustration Contest GIBOT Planning and Production (2.5-dimensional TV)


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