Kyōichi Nanatsuki


Kyōichi Nanatsuki (七月 鏡 一), whose real name is Kentaro Itamoto, born July 30, 1968 in Hokkaidō prefecture, is a Japanese mangaka. In 1999, he won the Shōgakukan Prize in the Shōnen category with Ryōji Minagawa for Arms. In 2014, he won the Grand Prix of the Imagination in the manga category with Night Owl for The Arms Peddler.

Primary works:

1992-1995: Jesus with Yoshihide Fujiwara
1997-2002: Arms with Ryōji Minagawa (Shōgakukan, 22 volumes)
2000-2006: Aegis in the Dark with Yoshihide Fujiwara (Shōgakukan, 26 volumes)
2007-2009: Aegis in the Dawn with Yoshihide Fujiwara (Shōgakukan, 6 volumes)
2009-2012: Jesus Sajin Kōro with Yoshihide Fujiwara (Shōgakukan, 14 volumes)
2010- (in progress): The Arms Peddler with Night Owl (Square Enix, 7 volumes)
2012-2016: Area D, an unusual talent with Yang Kyung-il (Shōgakukan, 14 volumes)


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