Pan Tachibana


Pan Tachibana is a video game writer, novelist and animated writer.

Main Works:
– Games:

  • Mega!
  • Fossett-Cafe at Le Ciel Bleu-
  • Sorauta
  • Sengoku Angel Jibril
  • Makai Tenshi Jibril 4
  • Makai Tenshi Jibril -episode3-
  • Makai Tenshi Jibril -episode2-
  • Makai Angel Jibril
  • Chivalry flower maiden
  • Ot ☆ Puri
  • ぴ ゅ!
  • Prove Cluid
  • Utsurugi Nanakoi Weather Ame
  • Kagami-sama Comforting Servant
  • Innocent Girl

– Novel:

  • Donkey Kami!
  • Falling dragon killing
  • Koenji Aoi’s Reversible Life
  • Magic book princess (Grimoire) Will not tell
  • CrowEnforcer
  • So I can’t do H.
  • First love shrine maiden sister
  • Masochistic Ecstasy
  • Annexo Max Heart
  • Erotic Hero Reincarnation Summoned shrine maiden, princess knight, and the demon tribe!
  • Kime Koi! Why Takamine’s Flower and Childhood Familiar
  • A love comedy that will like you without being discouraged again and again.
  • Devi x Chiki Bravely Soul Fiancee from Makai

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