Satoshi Hase

Anime, Manga

Satoshi Hase (長 谷 敏 司) born in Osaka in 1974 and a graduate of Kansai University, is a writer of SF and YA, as well as a manga and anime screenwriter. He is also a member of the Artificial Intelligence Society of Japan and works part-time in a laboratory dedicated to the relationship between artificial intelligence and natural language. With his collection of short stories, My Humanity, he won the 2015 Nihon SF Grand Prize. His Beatless series, illustrated by Redjuice, was adapted into a 24-episode anime (2018).


  • Anata to tame no monogatari (2009, Hayakawa Publishing Corporation)
  • Beatless (2012, Kadokawa Publishing Corporation)
  • Circlit Girl (2005-2011, Kadokawa Publishing Corporation)
  • My Humanity (2014, Hayakawa Publishing Corporation) (Grand Prix Nihon SF in 2015)


  • Babel in the Nova + anthology (2014, Kawade bunko)
  • Fueru inu in the Visions anthology (2016, Kodansha Ltd.)
  • Shigoto ga itsumade tattemo owaranai ken in the anthology AI to jinrui ga kyôzon dekiru ka? (Can AI
  • and Humans Coexist?) (2016 Kadokawa Publishing Corporation)
  • Anata no tame no monogatari


  • Beatless (24 Episodes, 2018)

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