Shiitake Urimo

Designer - Illustrator

Illustrator & Designer

  • PS Vita Sky Trail SC Evolution – Key visual
  • PS Vita Sky Trail FC Evolution – Key visual
  • Ichiki LEGEND OF TAKEYARI MASTER (Sakura no Mori Bunko) Cover illustrations and illustrations
  • Digimon Jintrix / Digimon Crusader (Bandai) Participated in card illustrations
  • Majigate Card Collection (TakaraTomy) Participated in card illustrations
  • 3DS Geist Crusher / Geist Crusher God Geist design (monster, weapon, armor), illustration participation
  • Learn by illustration Moe military encyclopedia Sengoku period (Hobby Japan) 4 illustrations participated
  • Fairy Fencer F Those who wear sand cloaks (Sakura no Mori Bunko) Cover illustrations and illustrations

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