Yuri Shibamura

Manga, Video Games

Yuri Shibamura is a mangaka, screenwriter and designer of Video Games. He worked for Alpha System and was a video game designer for Beck. He works on novels and RPG card games. He is known for designing miniature garden games using AI and parameters from the construction world.

Computer games:

  • Phantom fiction, spirit device bullet
  • High Mobility Fantasy Gun Parade March
  • Shikigami Castle Series
  • Gorgeous dance festival
  • Gun Parade Orchestra
  • Deltora Quest 7 jewels (planning)
  • EVANGELION Evangelion: Introduction
  • Touken Ranbu

Game-related table:

  • A magic circle
  • Grid-adaptive eye dress
  • “ East country mayhem ” (Wargame Japanese History No. 9, International News Agency, 2011)
  • “Yuke! Nobunaga vassal Orchestra” (War game Japanese history No. 14, International Communications, Inc., 2012)
  • “ Lotus City ” (RPGamer11, International News Agency)
  • “Ninja Wars” (Wargame Japanese History No. 26, International News Agency, June 2015)

Original comic:

  • We are !! Tsu Ken’o (original) (draw: white clover)
  • Unune (Original) (Drawing: Junko Kimura)
  • Inspector of public and private (Original) (Drawing: Ichiha Akizuki)
  • Cubism Love (Original) (Drawing: Temari Matsumoto)
  • Gun Parade March Another Princess (Original) (Drawing: Kaoru Nagata)
  • Emperor Usurto (Original) (Drawing: Kotobuki)
  • World Ninja Tournament Record (Original) (Drawing: Temari Matsumoto)
  • Gun Festa (Original) (Manga: ku-ba)
  • Other scenarios:
  • Drama CD Karen Butoh Festival Original Drama 1-3 (January-March 2006)


Series works:

  • Marginal Operation Series (Illustration: Yoshinori Shizuma, 5 volumes, 2 short edits, “One Year in the
  • Blank” (upper and lower), Seikaisha, February 2012-March 2016)
  • Self Craft World (3 volumes, Hayakawa Bunko JA, November 2015-September 2016)
  • Marginal Operation Kai Series (8 volumes already published, Seikaisha, November 2016-)
  • Canaan on the far frozen soil (7 volumes, Sekaisha, November 2013-June 2016)
  • Chronica of the Black Sword (3 volumes, Sekaisha, June 2016-September 2017)
  • Hound dog country (KADOKAWA, August 2015 / Kadokawa Bunko, May 2019)
  • Hound dog flag (KADOKAWA, August 2017 / Kadokawa Bunko, June 2019)
  • Eventually I ‘ll be called a great master (Illustration: Hinata Katagiri, 2 volumes already published, MF Bunko J, September 2019-)

Single work

  • Cubism Love-Small box in love with a worried doctor (illustration: Temari Matsumoto, Bead Log
  • Bunko, July 2012)
  • Gun Blood Days (illustration: kyo Dengeki Bunko, July 2012)
  • This sky protection (Hayakawa Bunko JA, October 2012)
  • Gun Parade March Another Princess (Dengeki Game Bunko, September 2013)
  • Fuji School Mametan Research Office (Hayakawa Bunko JA, October 2013)
  • Alien market price (Hayakawa Bunko JA, November 2014)
  • Print Brain (Seikaisha, January 2016)
  • Magic of Clouds (KADOKAWA, February 2016)
  • Elemental Rose (Hoshikaisha, October 2016)
  • Illusion exchange (Web novel)

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