Kei Shigema

Manga, Video Games

Kei Shigema born in 1960 in the city of Matsuyama (Ehime Prefecture), is a novelist and screenwriter of video games. He is the President (CEO) of the Scenario Studio “Gekko Moonlight” (1998) and also the director representative of the Japan Game Scenario Writer Association (JAGSA). His main work is LUNAR.

Maps Shared World -winged things-
LUNAR Volumes 1-4 (completed)
Meviuskline 1
Silent Mobius Volume 1, Volume 2

Anime script:
Movie version Silent Mobius

Video games:
Sword of Gargantua / PC – world view setting, scenario creation
Toriko Gourmet Monsters! / Produce Nintendo 3DS scenario
ASURA’S WRATH / PlayStation 3, Xbox360 – scenario
Chevalier Saga Tactics / PC – world view, character settings, scenarios
Luna-Harmony of Silver Star / PlayStation Portable – Main Scenario
Keroro RPG Knight, Warrior and Legendary Pirate / Nintendo DS – Scenario Produce
ONE PIECE UNLIMITED ADVENTURE / Wii – production scenario
DEATH NOTE Kira Game / Nintendo DS – Producer
Tokimeki Memorial Online / Windows – Scenario
Samurai Western Live Play Samurai / PlayStation 2 – Main Scenario
Samurai Road 2 / PlayStation 2 – Main Scenario
Tales of Destiny 2 / PlayStation 2 – scenario producer
LUNAR2 / Saturn – original scenario, scenario supervision
LUNAR1 / Saturn – Story, Scenario Director
LUNAR2 / Mega CD – Story, Scenario Director
LUNAR1 / Mega CD – Story, Scenario


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