Makoto Fukami


Makoto Fukami is a Japanese writer, mangaka and screenwriter, born in Kumamoto on August 5, 1977. His most important scriptwriting work was part of the Psycho-Pass series. Besides, his work on the special edition of Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! and the anime Yuru Yuri San ☆ Hai! He is known in the manga world as the author of the novels: Boku no Gakkou, Ansatsu-bu and Shissou Suru Shishunki no Parabellum.

Magical Task Force Asuka – Screenwriter
Berserk – 2016 – Author
Resident Evil – Vendetta – Author
Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka – Author
Blade of the Immortal – The Inhabitant of the Infinite … – Screenwriter
Revisions – Screenwriter
Psycho-Pass 3 – First Inspector – Screenwriter


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