Shōji Masuda

Video Games

Shōji Masuda, born January 22, 1960 in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, is a screenwriter and video game designer, Representative Director of Mars Co., Ltd.

Video games:

  • Legend of Momotaro: Assistant scenario, map design, battle routine creation
    Momotaro Legend II: Direction
  • Momotaro Electric Railway: Assistant scenario
    – Super Momotaro Electric Railway: Direction
    – Super Momotaro Electric Railway II: Special Thanks
    – Momotaro Electric Railway 2017 Tachigare Japan !! [3]: Game Advisory
  • Momotaro Live: Director
  • Ninjas Hui! : Direction
  • Metal Max: Produce
    – Metal Max 2: Produce
    – Metal Max Returns: Produce
    – Metal Max 2 Reloaded: Special Thanks
  • Tenkai Makai ZIRIA: Director (participation on the way), advertising
  • Tenkai Makai II Swastika MARU: Director, scenario
  • Embrace the mercy of merchants! [4]: Game design
  • Science fiction world gulliver boy
  • Linda Cube: Scenario, Game Design
  • Next King Koi no Millennium: Scenario, Game Design
  • Monster Para Dice: Monster Design (in the name of Choco Banana All Stars)
  • Go Beyond My Dead: Scenarios, Game Design
  • Go Beyond My Dead 2: Game Design, Scenario
  • Rampage Princess: Scenario
  • Look at my dragon
  • Tales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 3: Game Design
  • Princess Illusion: draft, scenario
  • Patapon: Supervision
  • The hero dies. : Original draft, game design, scenario
    – The hero dies. again: draft, game design, scenario
  • Ninja Battle TV: Game Design

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