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[Tourism] Japanese Government assistance

Sources of the wildest rumors and dreams since April, the Japanese government announces that it wants to revive tourism in Japan. With an estimated budget of 11.5 billion euros in aid to finance travel costs, the ambitious “Go to Travel” recovery plan is making many...

[Sport / Japan] Strong supporters

In Fukuoka, with a stadium emptied of its fans due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Japanese baseball team "Fukuoka Softbank Hawks" had a very original idea to fill this void: robots. Before their match against the "Rakuten Eagles", more than 20 robots danced during their team's...

[Tradition / Japan] The Stars Fest

On 07/07, in Tokyo, and throughout Japan, it was Tanabata (七夕 節), the feast of the stars, the seventh night of the seventh month. Unfortunately this year, there was no matsuri (festival) to celebrate the meeting of the goddess Orihime (織 姫) and the man...